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how to make live edge floating shelves

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Coffee Table. This shelf started with a four quarter piece of some nicely figured spotted maple. The tricky part about any invisible brackets is getting the placement right on the wall. These DIY floating shelves use internal brackets used especially for floating shelves. If you're looking for a live edge coffee table but are put off by the staggering prices, … No matter what finish you choose make sure to read the directions on the can. I hope you enjoyed it as well! Live edge wood is all the rage right now, but full slabs can cost a fortune! Meet The Stratus Shelf Our Stratus shelf is the perfect way to organize and display your items. After checking all of the measurements more than once we used a straight edge clamped to the slab and a circular saw to cut the slab to length. I started with 80 grit to remove the dark spots, then worked my way up to 220 grit sandpaper to smooth it out. So when the shelf is empty, it might look a little skewed. The position of your brackets depends on the location of the studs in the wall. You can also use regular lumber that is at least 1 ½" thick. x 8-in. Oct 12, 2019 - Turn a rustic board into a gorgeous live edge floating shelves with this easy tutorial! It’s just floating against the wall. Instead I will just let you know where I measured so you can do the same if you intended to tackle a project like this. Isn't it gorgeous? These live edge mantel shelves are uniquely your style your entryway, living room or bedroom with this gorgeous natural Acacia wood mantel. We used a shop vac to clean up most of the drywall dust from installing the shelves. Did you make this project? Drill bit slightly larger in diameter than the floating shelf hardware post, Live edge board with one straight long side, drill bit slightly larger than the floating shelf posts. They were very tight and I was not afraid of them coming off the wall. It is either the exact tool/supply or something very close. We won't send you spam. It was hard to find a reasonably priced set of live-edge floating shelves. First we struck some level lines on the walls where we wanted the shelves. There was an error submitting your subscription. We took multiple passes using the router until we reached a depth of 3/4". I tried dewaxed shellac and mineral oil to see which one worked better. Luckily, an ordinary cordless drill works too, as long as you drill straight! The important part to remember here is that you need ensure that both end lines are parallel. I sanded using 80-grit sandpaper and an power sander, but I wasn’t too worried about making it as … Actually I take that back. To hang these live-edge floating shelves we used these Dolle Strongfix floating shelf brackets. How to Make Floating Shelves Step 1: Cut Your Wood To Size Corey used a homemade fence for his wood to be sure the line was nice and straight – he measured the distance from the edge of the guard of the circular saw to the blade itself, then he added that measurement to the size of the shelf. Just line up the brackets with the holes and slide it on. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Floating shelves are great for adding storage on a small wall. Live Edge Floating Shelves | How To Build. If you have any questions or comments, I am happy to answer in the section below. You might have seen my video over on Instagram where I applied the dewaxed shellac to the finished board first. I started off cautiously with a soft sanding block on the flatter areas. No piece is exactly alike, the subtle imperfections such as knots and cracks are part of the wood's character. The brick was about 3/4" thick, so we knew we had that much play in our measurements. We then added some weight on top and left it to dry overnight. I used three per shelf, attached to studs in the wall, and they seem like they’ll be plenty sturdy. We then attached the floating shelf hangers onto the wall. Mine is ⅜" in diameter, so I needed a 7/16" drill bit. Step 1. Much better! If you bought prefinished boards like these, you can skip this step and go straight to the installation! We like to pick up little souvenirs from our travels, but they've been scattered throughout the house for years. The drying process kills off the spores, but better to be safe than sorry! Then stick painter's tape along the entire bottom edge of the shelf, making sure that it covers the holes in the bracket. SOURCE: DIY In PDX. How to Make Invisible-Hardware, Live-Edge Floating Shelves Today we are going to build a live edge floating shelf with no hardware at all. x 21⅜-in. Below are links to tools and materials I used in this article. Buy the right floating shelf hardware for the width of your live edge board. This cool live edge floating shelf with built in LED lighting, I built for my daughter's room You can learn more about it from the linked video on You tube. If possible, you should install your floating shelves on the studs (learn how to find them the right way here), but it doesn't always work out. From shop LeonManufacture. Unsubscribe at any time. Check to make sure they're straight, then tape them in place. Sounds like a neat deal. Now that the sanding and drilling is done, it's time to apply a beautiful finish to the shelves. . The best part of this project is once it was all done I was able to enjoy a drink with my friend. Read my full Terms of Use and Disclosures here. Each piece is completely unique and crafted from hand-selected reclaimed lumber. If you want to see more from me, feel free to follow me on other social mediaYoutube. I previously made DIY floating shelves for one wall of our basement family room, and this method was much, much easier! Again using a 2x4 as a straight edge and a circular saw we cut the slab. Cutting the live edge floating shelves was very similar to the bar top, but instead of starting with the length, we decided to start with the depth. These ones are only 4 ¼" long, so I won't accidentally drill straight through the live edge side! You have to drill holes in the back of the shelf to insert what looks like a metal dowel. But once you start placing decor on them, it levels out! Drill holes in the wall for wall anchors if there's no stud where the brackets will be mounted. 4 Hours. As you can see in the last picture we used a scrap piece of material to check to see if our depth and width were correct. Now they're all in one spot for a cohesive look! But this painter's tape trick will help you get it right the first time! Now that they're installed, it feels like they were always meant to be there! x 2-in. And of course, there's Lego too! Later it will be caulked so that you cannot see any gaps. For the floating shelf hangers we simply drilled two 1/2" holes to match the hangers. $25. But floating shelves don’t have to be a nightmare. Wood for the shelf – Needs to be at least 1″ thick and at least 5″ deep. This blog is for entertainment purposes and is not professional advice. Simons floating shelf refers to the 1.25" thick floating shelf. These beautiful shelves took the place of cabinets in this kitchen. Installing the brackets too close or too far apart, even just by a few millimeters, will prevent the floating shelves from sliding on properly. I don't plan to put heavy items on the shelves, and the anchors are rated for 75 pounds, so I think I'm good. Mark and drill the hole for the floating shelf hardware post into the side of the live edge board. x 2-in. by April Wilkerson on November 03, 2020 In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I made these floating live edge wood shelves. Floating brackets are pretty inexpensive and only have to be fitted to the width of the natural edge of the shelf or mantel. dado) for them in the shelf we used a router. x 2-in. From Scratch Step 1: Find Your Wood. The wood is live-edge alder that we picked out and had finished at Salvage Works (they were great to work with, and did a wonderful job). DIY Live Edge Floating Shelf With LED Lighting. You can also sign up for my email list below and get the latest post delivered to your inbox, plus exclusive access to my woodworking plans library! And another exciting feature for live edge wood is its chaotic beauty against human-created smooth surfaces. Stunning design and raw materials collide in this beautiful slab-style bar table / Desk / Shelf. We went with the recommended finish by the people at the local lumber yard and it is called Ligna Pronto. With the boards cleaned up, it's time to turn them into floating shelves! Instead, we took a measurement of the depth of the counter and then added 3/4", this would be out minimum depth. Decide how thick you want your shelf to be. . To accomplish we used a combination of hidden cleats on the sides with floating shelf hangers in the middle. I absolutely LOVE that idea! But I knew these weren’t going to be practical shelves for us, just purely decorative. That’s why we’ve partnered with HOVR to bring you the Stratus shelf with the HOVR bracket. Attach floating shelf hardware to the wall with screws. Create a clear look of your kitchen with these floating shelves that … We then cut one end perfectly perpendicular to the line we just cut (by using a framing square to mark a perpendicular line). We spread out a bunch on the cabinet top and then slid the top into place. Floating shelves need to be at least 1.25 inches thick (1.5 inches is best) to have room for the brackets to go inside the wood without splitting. You'll want to use brackets that are at least an inch shorter than the width of your board. 4 – 1-in. As I mentioned earlier, my friend added a brick backsplash (I didn't help him with that so I don't have any pictures of this step unfortunately, but it is similar to other backsplash installations). Subscribe to get project ideas, home improvement tips, woodworking plans and more delivered straight to your inbox! There was a lot of grime along that live edge covering up the beautiful wood grain. If necessary, drill holes for the anchors through the holes in the tape. That makes it easy for your home decor to get lively and rustic style. Each live edge shelf is one-of-a-kind. Luckily, I found a smaller piece that's perfect for a set of live edge floating shelves! If you want to be really fancy, you can chisel out the back of the shelf to recess the rest of the bracket. x 8-in. An important part in any build is to test things along the way. We waited a few minutes and then wiped off any excess. We then marked out the total length (the distance between the two walls) and cut it to length. Poke through the tape with a pencil where the bracket holes are located, then remove the tape. Installing these live edge floating shelves couldn't be easier! Thin Floating Shelves - If you want floating shelves with a thinner profile, this tutorial shows you … Medium. The aluminum channel will hold the LED light strip as well as a frosted panel to diffuse the light. We marked out a line that had a minimum depth of 12". Next we needed to get electricity to the lights, this was done with a long drill bit that connected the back of the shelf with the routed out channel. They simply screw in using screws that are included in the kit. We measured the distance between the walls. I tested a few different finishes on the little end piece I cut off earlier. Turn a rustic board into gorgeous live edge floating shelves with this simple tutorial! I used... Buy the Right Hardware. It took a bit of research to find the right floating shelf hardware for these narrow boards. Then you thread on the hexagonal support. Medium. My friend also wanted to add under mount lighting to the shelves. Unfortunately, the only stud I could use was in the center of the board, so I decided to use wall anchors on the sides instead.

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